Paintings in the measurements 40x40cm to 60x60cm.

These small paintings are well suited for small spaces or a long wall.

All the paintings are unique and have been made with acrylic on canvas, mounted on 40mm deep stretchers.

The paintings continue over their edges, giving them a multi-dimensional effect and making the paintings interesting from all angles. The paintings therefore require no framing.


Choose art with your heart!




Christina Julsgaard’s unique small paintings can add a burst of colourful modernity to a smaller room or a long wall.

The small unique paintings impart life and light on their surroundings.

Christina Julsgaard hopes that people will immerse themselves in her works and develop their own interpretations of her art, something that shines through in her paintings: 

I love when an observer or client sees something in my art that I hadn’t thought about myself”.

Christina Julsgaard has mastered the art of composition, and her small brightly coloured paintings are no exception.

The small paintings stand out from the crowd with their expressive, significant and contrasting compositions, and comprise a graphic tautness, which perfectly suits the modern minimalistic Scandinavian decorative style.

With her small abstract paintings Christina Julsgaard has created a vibrant and modern universe on canvas - one with a multidimensional effect, making her paintings interesting from any angle. The paintings therefore do not need to be framed, they simply need a bare and inviting wall.

Christina Julsgaard’s unique small paintings are a tribute to the smaller pleasures in life, and a source of inspiration in your home.

The small, but vividly colourful and stimulating paintings are a reminder to us all that life is filled with pulsating and positive experiences – one of the reasons why Christina Julsgaard’s artwork is often described as being a sort of visual music.


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