Christina Julsgaard


Christina Julsgaard chose very early on to pursue her dreams and make a living from her creativity.


Already at the age of 20, the designer dream had become a reality when Christina Julsgaard had begun working at a Danish design company and had opportunity to live out her dreams. She travelled around the world as a designer and buyer, and learned all about how to run a fashion business.


A few years later, she started her own minimalist fashion label YIIP Copenhagen, where she sold her clothing designs to 10 countries and had her own shop and gallery in Copenhagen from 2001-2007.


"I've always had a great desire to create and it's easy for me to visualise how ideas can become reality," tells Christina.


As her career took off in 2001, she began to paint and the painting turned out to be an essential, energising and infectious source for developing the ideas for her many designs.


She was inspired by fashion, art and especially human relationships, the latter becoming a greater interest as she travelled around the world. Therefore, art, design and culture have fused together to help create the setting for her unique universe of minimalistic and contrasting expressions.


In 2009, she chose to take a break from life as a self-employed fashion designer and explored new aspects of her identity. She was still driven to create and develop, but instead began to focus on the deeper human values ​​that art made it possible for her to express.


“The paintings are my emotional space, here I can link my experiences, feelings and thoughts together in my own particular abstract language,” states Christina.


Julsgaard has a significant artistic language, which in an abstract way portrays her emotions and moods, which the observers of her works are free to interpret.


“I love to hear people's experiences when they gaze at my paintings. Many find motifs that reflect their own lives and thoughts, which is very fascinating”.


Christina Julsgaard already has a long and interesting CV of exhibitions behind her. In 2011, she was among the 102 Danish artists chosen to decorate an elephant sculpture for the great cultural event, Elephant Parade, which adorned the streets of Copenhagen in aid of saving the Asian elephants.

She has also had an international solo exhibition at a gallery in Shanghai, China, which she now regularly collaborates with, a joint exhibition in Hong Kong, as well as an exhibition at a gallery in the Netherlands.


Today, she has held over 100 exhibitions.


"The paintings allow me to communicate with people on a different level, like a kind of visual music. I hope to make a difference and contribute positively to the world with what I create," says Christina Julsgaard.




There is nothing that spreads energy and life quite like having colours in your home - colourful paintings can leave a unique and modern, yet still vibrant and exciting impression on your home or office space.

Colours affect our mood and mental well-being, which is why it is important to find the specific paintings that appeal to you and you alone. Christina Julsgaard has a wide variety of colourful paintings, so it is almost a guarantee that you will find something amazing of hers.

Colours play a vital role in making your home or office harmonious, positive and energetic. Many want a minimalistic home with a simplistic design so that it is the objects you bring into your home that create personal style and fill it with your own unique ambience. That is why colourful paintings are a fantastic choice for creating that personal touch that appeals to your own unique tastes and senses through its visual identity. Colours appeal to practically everyone’s emotions and senses in a different way, and that is why the way we observe a painting with colour varies from person to person. 

Colours are paramount to an artist. Christina Julsgaard’s art is enriched with lively and inspiring colours, which make up her unique paintings, provoke your senses and affect their surroundings for the better. 

Colourful paintings affect us not only emotionally, but also intellectually. They can therefore be highly stimulating.

Shapes are often a big part of bringing the colours to life in their own unique style, which creates a highly varied aesthetic between the colourful paintings.

This combination of colours and shapes gives the paintings their own distinct expressions. The combinations bring about focus and develop the paintings as a whole, no matter where the colourful paintings are placed. 

Their individual identity is also the reason that the paintings are used to create a certain mood or atmosphere. Colourful paintings give your home or office an identity and an ambience, which is an important part of interior decorating. Colourful paintings affect your well-being and the other aesthetic combinations found in your environment.

Christina Julsgaard has a wide selection of colourful paintings in all sizes so that wherever your surroundings lack visual inspiration you can find a painting that is suitable for your home or office and also contributes to the setting in positive manner.

Her minimalistic and contrasting expressions produce some very deeply felt and touching paintings that provoke thoughts and emotions to be interpreted visually in the eyes of the individual.