Be inspired by this visual universe of inspiration, with focus on Christina Julsgaards paintings.

See different rooms decorated with paintings, and get inspired to decorate with art in your own home.

The pictures are both from private homes and homes that have appeared in magazines.


Our home is the place which frames our lives. Therefore, it is important that we feel comfortable in our home.

Art is a great way to give a room personality and create a nice atmosphere.


Med moderne malerier kan du skabe lys og farve i det rene Skandinaviske rum og på en gang bidrage med både liv og harmoni.


With modern paintings you can create light and color in the minimalistic nordic home.

The paintings can both contribute to create life and awaken the room contrasts, creating tension and by adding edge to you home.

They can also help to combine the elements in  the room and in this way create harmony and balance.


Large walls provide a wonderful opportunity to choose a large painting that will give the room a very distinct identity and atmosphere.


With framedpaintings, it is possible to create a personal expression by mixing and matching.

You can both hang paintings quite classic with 2 or 3 in a row or you can mix the styles and colors for a pottepori of artworks.

There are various options when decorating with unique and modern art in narrow and aesthetic frames.


Der er et utal af muligheder for at skabe personlighed, når du indretter med unik og moderne kunst i stringente smalle og æstetiske rammer.


Art for ALL , -also children.

The colorful and happy paintings are well suited to the children's playful universe and is therefore particularly suitable to decorate the nursery or teenroom.

Christina Julsgaard, colourful modern art




Christina Julsgaard feels inspired by her surroundings. She is orientated in both fashion -and lifestyle, to keep herselft up to date with trends and incorporate elements from the different worlds of her works.

"It's important for me to keep my drive going. I constantly look for new sources of inspiration and love to explore new materials and methods. I'm very visual and therefore easy I find it easy to tranfer my inspiration to my paintings, " says Christina. 






Even though the art form is still open for analysis and interpretation, modern art gives its spectators the opportunity to relate to something more individual.

Modern art is a wildly debated topic, and even though there have been many arguments both for and against it, it has become a vital part of creating the modern home and workplace atmosphere. 

Modern art can be said to require emotional and intellectual engagement rather than to demand identification. Even though the art form is still open for analysis and interpretation, modern art gives its spectators the opportunity to relate to something more individual. This also applies to the artist herself, Christina Julsgaard, who places her feelings, thoughts and experiences into her art, where they lie open to abstract interpretation from onlookers.

Christina Julsgaard places her deep personal values in her modern art, where its visual identity is brought to life through contrasting and minimalistic shapes. Modern art allows for thoughts and feelings to unfold in a unique fashion. In a way, modern art establishes a tangible picture of the journey that thoughts and feelings go through from creation to manifestation. 

Modern art is a non-identifiable language that appeals to the individual observer’s experiences, thoughts and feelings at the given time. Modern art is vivid and alive in a completely different way, because the observer can gain a new perspective every time they observe it. Modern art produces new observations each time it is observed and can therefore excite its observers each time they immerse themselves in it.

The point of art can be to challenge observations that have been made up until now.

It is a process of evolution for both the artist and the onlooker, which makes art personal; it is that personal relation that we should have with the art that we purchase.

Modern art can continue to surprise us, give life to thoughts, feelings and observations that we haven’t previously been engaged with. Modern art is the release og thoughts and feelings through visually appealing and abstract forms that help you grow intellectually and emotionally.

From a technical perspective, modern art is comprised of colours, contrasts and abstract motives. Modern art is emotional because of these techniques. It lets go of its grip on reality and forms it in a way that can be difficult to describe in words. It creates a visual language that can be difficult to communicate in any other manner. 
This is true both for the artist, who places their identity and mental states in their paintings, and for the observer, who places their feelings and experiences in the interpretation of the paintings. There is a subconscious and implied form of communication between the artist and the observer. 


Every time the painting is observed, a new conversation, experience, emotion, will be shared. Modern art therefore not only contributes to ambience and setting, but to personal development and identification of emotions and thoughts that are unsaid - states that can only really unfold and manifest themselves visually.

TAK TIL  //  FOTOGRAF: Jakob Kirk, Kira Brandt, Line Thit Klein og Luise Balle  // STYLING: GlottiPress v. Elisabeth Kruse