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Give a work of art as a gift!

It is personal, unique, and lasts for ever. 

Let Christina Julsgaard help you choose the right gift for that special occasion. 

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There are so many occasions to give gifts!

... are you also running out of great gift ideas?

Then look no further - read Christina Julsgaard's suggestions on this page and get inspired just in time for your next gift purchase!



ave you been invited to a birthday party?

...or maybe it's your own birthday soon, and you're still not quite sure what you should wish for?

A birthday gift is a very individual gift, depending on what type of get-together or party you have been invited to, and who you are giving the gift to. 

For the regular birthday gathering, Christina recommends her limited edition art posters, her art book or her unique miniature framed paintings as a gift.

For bigger birthdays, like a sweet sixteen or a 21st, you'll probably want to give something bigger. In that case, Christina recommends her smaller modern paintings, a bigger framed painting or one of her exclusive porcelain vases, which have been hand-painted by Christina.

Click on the links beneath the pictures below to see the many gift options! 

Christina Julsgaard, contemporary art, abstract art, art vase, porcelain vases, organic motifs


Christina Julsgaard creates works in all price ranges for all of your gift-giving needs, whether you want to give the gift of a beautifully hand-painted art vase with abstract motifs or a big colourful and one-of-a-kind painting as a Christmas present.

Haven't found that Christimas present just yet?

You can view all of Christina's beautiful works right here on her website. 

Click on the images and links below to see the many gift options and individual prices.

View Christina's unique porcelain art vases here!

Modern and colourful art prints by contemporary artist Christina Julsgaard, posters, art posters, home inspiration


Give the graduate art as a gift! 

When a young person graduates high school or college, they deserve to be spoiled with a little something that can reward all of their hard work throughout their formative years. 

At the same time, maybe the graduate is ready to move away from home for the first time and could use a charming art gift to decorate their first apartment - so why not turn to one of Christina Julsgaard's captivating works as a gift option?

For smaller apartments or flats, Christina can recommend one of her small framed paintings or her smaller modern works on canvas.

A porcelain vase decorated with Christina Julsgaard's art work could also be a great home gift idea. 

Click on the pictures and links below to see Christina's lovely variety and the many gift options! 

Modern and colourful small paintings on canvas by multiartist Christina Julsgaard, significant works, abstract art
Modern fine artist Christina Julsgaard, small paintings in frames, unique, abstract


A gift for life.

Will you be attending a Confirmation soon? 

Giving the confirmand a work of art as a gift is something unique, personal and something that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. 

As a gift option for the confirmand, Christina Julsgaard can recommend her loud, colourful and significant paintings in frames - they are perfect for the aesthetic and picky teenager! 

If you wish to give one of Christina's enchanting abstract works as a gift, click on the black button below.

View and purchase the framed paintings online here!

Contemporary fine artist Christina Julsgaard, fine art, sculptures, brass sculptures, organic, gold, black


Are you attending a wedding sometime soon, but still can't quite find the right present for the husband and wife to-be?

Getting married is a unique and special experience, so it is only fitting that the wedding gift is as well.

What could be better than spoiling the bride and groom with a work of modern art

The gift of art is a gift that is exclusive, aesthetically pleasing and it is something that will be remembered and kept for a lifetime.

Both the bride and the groom will appreciate the remarkable and individual gift that art is. 

A work of fine art could also be the perfect anniversary gift, whether the ocassion is big or small.

Christina Julsgaard has a large variety of significant and beautiful art works in all price ranges, from completely unique and exclusive brass sculptures and one-of-a-kind paintings on canvas to limited edition art prints of her works - all depending on your gift-giving needs.

Click on the images and links below to view Christina's assortment of art works and their individual prices - then you will be well on your way to giving a quite remarkable gift.

Colourful and modern art prints by Christina Julsgaard, posters, abstract art, aesthetic, beautiful


Are you looking to give a more meaningful corporate gift this year?

Whether it's that company Christimas gift, a birthday gift, or even a farewell gift, Christina Julsgaard can present an excellent alternative to that same dull wine and chocolate gift that is always given! 

Instead, try giving limited edition posters with Christina's art works on them. It's different, unique and something that employees can keep and treasure for years to come.

So don't hesitate to contact her for a good deal, which she can tailor to your company's specific gift needs.

Click on the images and links below to gain an idea of what styles or prints you like best, or just browse for general gift-giving inspiration.

View Christina's art posters here!


What do YOU wish for?

Art can be given as many different types of gifts, but what about receiving art as a gift? 

What about when it's your birthday, it's Christimas or there's another special occasion where you have to come up with a gift wishlist?

Are you the type of person that has it all or buys everything themselves, and you therefore have trouble telling people what you wish for? Then maybe a meaningful gift, such as a modern work of art, should be up for consideration. 

Christina Julsgaard can offer everything from limited edition art posters to one-of-a-kind exquisite paintings on canvas in all sizes.

You can also just wish for a Christina Julsgaard gift card, so that that you can choose for yourself when the right piece comes along. 

View the many possibilities by clicking on the black button below! 

Fine artist Christina Julsgaard, large modern paintings on canvas, beautiful colours, home inspiration, home decor



Home decor, inspiration, framed paintings, paintings in frames, black and white art, Christina Julsgaard

… and that is why art is the perfect gift to give one of your loved ones for a holiday or that special occasion. It will be a gift to remember for the ages, and the person who receives it will think of you each time they look at their beautiful modern work of art, which you have given them as a gift.

Christina Julsgaard's colourful modern paintings are the perfect unique gift, because they stand out from the crowd with their significant, abstract and contrasting compositions. They can provide that extra aesthetic and exquisite touch to their surroundings.

Christina Julsgaard knows how to compose her paintings with a charming ease, which means that a gift of one of her exclusive art works will fit right into the modern, bright and minimalistic Scandinavian home. 

When you buy one of Christina Julsgaard's works of art as a gift, you invite someone you love into the colourful, lively and expressionistic universe that is Christina Julsgaard.

That's why you can't go wrong with a Christina Julsgaard art work as a gift for that special occasion.

Everyone loves that exclusive and minimalistic Nordic style, and a Christina Julsgaard art work as gift adds the perfect mixture of lightness and colour to the simplistic decor. A gift with Christina Julsgaard's artistic expression will therefore highlight the contrasts in a room and give it an aesthetic edge.

Are you still searching for a gift for that birthday party? Or maybe you still haven't quite found that last Christmas present?

Art vase, porcelain vases, black and white art works, fine art, multiartist Christina Julsgaard

Christina Julsgaard's many works of art can be an inspiring and refreshing source of inspiration for that especially great gift. 

Holidays and special occasions demand grand gifts, and that's where Christina Julsgaard comes in. Art is a unique, personal and completely different gift, which will always serve as a great memory.

Confirmation presents, graduation gifts, "moving-away-from-home-for-the-first-time" gifts, corporate gifts - including goodbye gifts, work anniversary gifts and birthday gifts - whatever the occasion, Christina's got you covered with a suitable work of art.

For the smaller occasion, Christina recommends one of her small unique paintings in frames, a porcelain art vase, a limited edition art poster or the Christina Julsgaard art book, which is filled with beautiful pictures and lots of home decor inspiration!

For bigger occasions or gift-giving needs, it might be a good idea to give one of Christina Julsgaard's statement pieces, namely her colourful modern paintings on canvas. They come in all shapes, sizes and expressions, so there should be something for everyone and your individual wants and needs.

It could also be a good idea to check out Christina's sculptures, which are made of a beautiful brass and created as dynamic, sculptural and abstract excerpts of her paintings.

Christina Julsgaard's works can also be a perfect gift option for your upcoming wedding anniversary!