I you live to far from Denmark to come and see the paintings, you might find this alternative option interesting.

Read here and see how you can quickly get the painting of your choice virtually into the living room.




  • ​Send one or more photos from the or those places in your home where you would like to place the painting.
  • Send the names of the you favorite paintings on the web, which you would like to see in you home or office.
  • If you wish to se alternative options you may write your max. budget for buying art.

You will then receive your homephotos with your selected paintings, as a virtual inspirationsource before bying online. This offer is free of charge and is offered as a visual preview only.




Tips for taking the best suitable photograph for this purpose.


Take your photo looking as straight at the wall as possible, so it is possible to place a straight painting in the image.

• Ensure that some furnitures are still visable in the picture, making it easy for you to see the painting as a whole, in your home.


Send photos and the names of your selected paintings in an email or call directly to Christina if you have questions.


Christina Julsgaard

cj@cjulsgaard.dk // T:. +45 51640048