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Paintings are one of the first things that come to mind when you hear the word “art”. 

Paintings have been admired throughout the history of mankind, because they include us in a visual story that appeals to both our emotions and senses. Every single painting reflects its painter’s state of mind, especially when dealing with abstract art.

The art of the painting has been formed in our society throughout generations, and the more conscious of it we become, the more we appreciate the effect is has on our mental state and well-being. Christina Julsgaard aims to contribute something positive to society with her paintings, which make them a unique experience.

Paintings, and art in general, have been widely debated since ancient Greece, by Plato and Aristotle, among others. However, no matter the style or composition, paintings have become a part of our cultural heritage. Paintings reflect society’s progression and its movements or tendencies, and are a part of establishing the identities that develop in our society.

That is why paintings are always unique; but if you are looking for paintings that really stand out from the crowd, then Christina Julsgaard’s varied assortment are the perfect choice.

Christina Julsgaard’s paintings are intuitive reflections of her thoughts, feelings and experiences. This intuitive way of working with paintings is expressed in the form of abstract art that is composed of lively and contrasting colours. Paintings are often a reflection of society as it is when they are developed.

Because of Christina Julsgaard’s background as a fashion designer, she has an entirely unique and amazing approach to art. 

Her graphic understanding of art and her unique sense of style and what is on trend manifests itself in the colours she uses to create current and relevant art. 

That is why her paintings are abstract, “in” and perfect for the modern home. Her paintings will compliment your surroundings, while their abstract form of expression will allow you to immerse yourself in the thoughts and emotions that the paintings will evoke.

It is because of Christina Julsgaards up-to-date and intuitive understanding that she has had exhibitions in Shanghai, is continually pointed out in connection with current trends in magazines and receives critical acclaim from the press.

Her paintings create harmony, but leave it up to the individual to connect them to a story based on their own individual memories and feelings, instead of dictating in which direction to target their inner experiences.

Christina Julsgaard’s paintings aren’t just her own intuitive communication of thoughts, feelings and experiences, but are also the observer’s. Her paintings enrich their surroundings with an atmosphere and ambience that it reflected in their delicate, yet vibrant details. Her paintings create the atmosphere, but give you the opportunity to let your thoughts and feelings unfold.

Christina Julsgaard’s intuitive approach to art gives her paintings their own life and identity. They become a poignant form of communication, which is translated by means of the canvas.
The inspiration is constant, and there aren’t two of Christina Julsgaard’s paintings that are reflected the same in both the artist and the observer. That is why her paintings are amazingly enriching to whatever environment they find themselves in.